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      I am not even expecting next gen to be that much better tbh.This was the same complaint that this sub had when it transferred from PS3/360 to present gen. Do not know what people were expecting up to images go.It’s a useless complaint when you morons will just buy it anyway me included but I don’t despise the game like most of the men and women within this sub do.I made that same slogan in my video lol.Yall keep complaining about how its the same, but just how much farther can they go on current gen? The hardware is obsolete and old. Just wait for

      I really don’t buy 2ks until their 15 bucks used so I’m cool with it if we get a draft class.Y’all are really thinking it was gonna be something innovative for gen? They’re from code and working on next gen. Everybody knew this game are just like 2k20. That is 2k21? 2k really out here disturbs us every year.I don’t understand what you want them to perform with the visuals? A whole lot hasn’t changed.

      Perhaps you have noticed the trailer

      Everything is same? They did not even try to hide it.I’m sorry but if you always complain about 2k21 present gen being 20 part two you’re honestly a fool, exactly the same stuff happened with 2k13 and 2k14. Gen 14 was entirely different then the two of them despite a few things although they were both pretty much the exact same match on the present gen. I really don’t know just how long it’s going to take fory’all to recognize that whenever a new console comes out, their not going to place all of their focus does that it’s common sense.

      They banged WWE2k do death and wouldnt it be for the big celebrity of NBA and the disastrous NBA Live, they would ve done the same into NBA2k.WE 2K only got fucked since Yukes left in the center of this year.It’s the best bball sim ever created. What more do you desire?

      Check out for more details.

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